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Drinking The Psychedelic Acacia Trees Of Australia | Psychedelic Café 5

Hosted by James W. Jesso (with Julian Palmer, Liam Engel, Jef Baker, Rohan Bradley & Nick Sun)


Some call it Aussie-huasca or Aussiewaska, but more directly, it’s the drinking of highly psychedelic brews made from DMT-containing psychedelic acacia trees of Australia in combination with an MAOi-containing plant, usually Syrian rue.

The consequence of this, culturally, can be described as a growing underground movement of drinking these Acacia brews as a part of a uniquely Australian spiritual culture based in connection to the land and communication with its plants.

Ya, that’s a mouthful, and it’s more than that too.
The experiences that the psychedelic acacia trees of Australia reveal, and the history of their consumption, open many more curious areas of exploration too. (I mean that figuratively, but of, literally as well!)

That larger area of potential exploration on the discussion of drinking the psychedelic acacia trees of Australia is what led me to invite a number of different experts on the subject to participate in this episode of the podcast, another Psychedelic Café.

We explore This central question:

“Where do the Australian psychoactive acacia species fit into the contemporary, local psychedelic scene and how does interaction with these species inform a deeper connection to this land and its dreaming?”

We talk about the history, pharmacology, and phenomenology of drinking the psychedelic acacia trees of Australia. As well as their conservation, challenges of learning to drink them with there being no known history of their ceremonial use, and the complications of using them in the context of colonialism. We also talk about plant intelligence, interspecies communication, and encounters with “the unseen realm” of spirits that exist beyond the human mind.

A Wattle day conversation with Nick and Julian

Hosted by Julian Palmer May 17th, 2021

This is a discussion with Nick Sun, the former comedian, turned plant medicine maestro, who now lives in Darwin. Here we talk about my personal history and processes, psychedelic states, philosophical musings, perspectives on current events in the world and generally just shooting the shit in an irreverently serious manner.

The Traps & Pitfalls of Contemporary Psychedelic Therapy

Hosted by Devon Maher, 28th of February, 2021.

Nick Sun sits down with us for our first, entirely unscripted podcast fresh from a Qi Gong retreat, to discuss issues that have caught his attention in the contemporary plant medicine scene. Nick has valuable insights into Australian plant medicine community that come from first hand experience working with some of the more formidable psychedelic therapies.

This “Nimbin Experiment” was largely an exploratory introduction into working together, but some interesting stuff was said that could well help….

So here it is!

Talking Entheogens, Dreams, Prophecy and Releasing the Past with Nick Sun

Hosted by Gordon White, 8th of June, 2021.

Comedian, author, ceremonialist and healer, Nick Sun, joins us this week.

Back in January, Nick wrote a piece on Medium called Watch Your Dreams Die And Be Happy Now. It’s about how childhood dreams in general and the insistence we all follow them is not always a good thing. In fact, it can even be pathological.

Obviously that sort of piece has Big New Year Energy given the world is awash with resolutions at the time. But it is also good and insistent medicine for now -particularly for younger readers. There is a lot about this in the wealth magic course in the members area, but desire is very poorly understood and even more poorly experienced in the modern world.

Given the dramatic changes to how society functions we have all been through these past sixteen months have barely begun to be felt, the work of sitting with, parsing and simply showing up to your dreams, desires, goals -as well as how they all differ- takes on a different form of urgency.

So that’s what Nick came on to discuss ostensibly. We also talk about a bunch of other stuff too, I hasten to add. Encountering different plant spirits, prophecy, healing from trauma, all very good times.

Download the episode directly here or watch along on YouTube below.